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Your business requires attention to so many factors that make it successful. Southern Iowa offers more than 10 higher education institutions, a skilled workforce with the highest work ethic in the country according to Forbes magazine, more than 60 available buildings and 74 available sites for new businesses. Lending institutions provide your business with the working capital you need to operate.

Each county development corporation can help you find a suitable location, viable workforce, continued education, and all of the other elements of a successful business here in Southeastern Iowa.


Entrepreneurs need diligent people with whom they can work, create and invent. They need educated, intelligent people to make their ideas reality. Entrepreneurs need established financial institutions that understand startups and fast moving growth companies. Southeastern Iowa has bred some of the most successful entrepreneurial businesses both large and small. Come to where opportunity grows naturally.


With so many colleges and universities southern Iowa can't be beat when it comes to educated and dedicated workforces. Ask any of our 3,800 thriving businesses. From elementary education through college, we nurture the highest standards of education and training.

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"After attending Iowa State University, I left Iowa for other cities around the country. I came back to Southeastern Iowa because I haven't found a better place to raise my children."

Chris Ball, Entrepreneur and Business Owner